The hospital in Guatemala

You will be admitted in a luxurious and recently built state-of-the-art hospital, providing the best level of quality, designed to meet the needs of bariatric surgery patients, offering all the services and providing the highest standards of health care, security, quality, and hygiene of a modern American hospital.


The hospital is located 15 minutes away from the airport, in the most exclusive and safest area in Guatemala City. It is 3 blocks away from the hotel and less than 5 minutes away from the tourist areas.

The equipment

The hospital has been equipped with the latest in technology including a top-of-the-line Diagnostic Center with a complete clinical laboratory, a Cardiac Physiology Department, and a modern Radiology Department with the best currently available ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI machines. Additionally, it has a 24-hour Emergency Room, fully equipped Intensive Care Unit, and a continuously supplied Blood Bank.

The Operating Rooms (OR)

We have six Operating Rooms specially designed and equipped for bariatric patients. We have recently acquired our bariatric OR tables and stretchers. The latest technology and equipment are available with operating capability for any laparoscopic and open bariatric procedure.

The air-conditioning supply in the OR is equipped with EPA filters as well as ultraviolet exposure, which guarantee that the air will be free of particles. In addition the OR is equipped with positive pressure ventilation from top to bottom and from center to the periphery of each OR. This equipment keeps floating particles away from the sterile area and the air is completely changed every 2 minutes.

The rooms

You will spend your recovery time at the hospital in suites that have two completely separated areas:

  • the room for the patient with its own private bathroom, flat screen TV, cable TV in English, and spacious closets
  • A leathered living room for relatives and friends with its own bathroom, flat screen TV with cable, closet, mini bar, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Additionally, there is room service available.

The suites were built having bariatric patients in mind. Especially comfortable beds are included in all rooms. The suites were built with large bathrooms particularly designed for bariatric patients.

The Hospital has 40 standard rooms and 15 suites. Each standard room comes with a sofa bed and reclining chair for your guests, air conditioning, a flat screen TV, cable TV in English, telephone, full shower and bathroom, and Electric Medical Beds with controls so that patients can make their own adjustments.

The staff

Our bariatric surgery group in Guatemala is dedicated to excellence in patient care and making your surgical experience as relaxed as possible. Our main objective is to arrange your trip so that your stay with us is pleasant.

A service call button is provided in your hospital room and a prompt and attentive nursing staff will answer to your every need. (the response time is usually 10 times faster than that of an average American Hospital). The nurses usually work in teams of 2 so that full service is given to the patient.

After your surgery, you will be taken care by fully trained personnel, both medical and paramedic, with ample experience in bariatric surgery. Even though the entire team is fluent in English, you will have a translator available at all times.

Direct communication

You will have direct access to Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez at all times. For this purpose you will be provided with a cell phone as soon as you arrive to Guatemala with speed dial connection to Dr. Gonzalez’s cell phone. If you need to contact him during your entire stay with us, you will be able to reach him directly (not an answering service, not the resident, not a nurse) and he will be pleased to answer all your questions.


Cirugía de Obesidad

La obesidad es la segunda causa más frecuente de muertes prevenibles en Guatemala debido a que está directamente relacionada a la diabetes, presión alta, síndrome metabólico, apnea del sueño y muchas otras enfermedades incluyendo el cáncer. Independientemente del tipo de cirugía de reducción de peso (cirugía bariátrica), la pérdida de peso resulta en una resolución completa de la mayoría de enfermedades asociadas a la obesidad en más del 80% de los pacientes. En el resto de pacientes, estas enfermedades mejoran considerablemente luego de bajar de peso. Por consiguiente, no se trata de una cirugía estética, se realiza por salud, pero los resultados estéticos van de la mano.

cirugia gastrointestinal

Cirugía Gastrointestinal

La cirugía gastrointestinal abarca una gran variedad de enfermedades del aparato digestivo, dentro de los cuales se pueden mencionar operaciones para remover las piedras en la vesícula, los divertículos del colon, las hernias inguinales o incisionales (donde hubo una cirugía con anterioridad), esófago de Barrett, el apéndice en pacientes con apendicitis aguda, etc.

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